Sociological Research Practicum

Sociological Research Practicum

The Sociological Research Practicum (SRP) is an annual data collection project. Each year, a faculty member in the Department of Sociology is chosen as the Principal Investigator (PI) to design and manage the project. The topic and type of method varies each year, reflecting the interest of the PI. The SRP began in 1965 as the Indianapolis Area Project. Read more about the SRP's history, goals, and resources.

The SRP Study Director, Dr. Emily Meanwell, is responsible for helping the PI organize and run the data collection project, and for maintaining the datasets and codebooks produced by the SRP. For more information about the SRP program or accessing SRP data, please contact

Current projects

Year: 2022-2023

Principal Investigator: Keera Allendorf

The aim of the Indian American Family Study (IAFS) is to investigate (Asian) Indian Americans’ views and experiences of family life with a focus on marriage, childbearing, and intergenerational relationships. 

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